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6 for 6
It's Unknown Mega Deal!!
It's Unknown Mega Deal!!

Here at It’s Unknown we have a full house of events and to celebrate we’re launching a special deal where you can get 6 tickets to any one of our shows and get another 6 FOR FREE for any other one of our shows!!

Event’s currently included in deal:
Musical Bingo’s Halloween Ball – 26th October
Thom Foole’s House Party – 3rd November
Last Man Standing – 9th November
Gospeloke – 10th November

Visit its-unknown.designmynight.com

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Live Interactive Game Show
9th November 2016
Last Man Standing!!

Last Man Standing is back with a bang on 9th November with host James Loveridge and co-host Lou Sanders stepping in for London’s first interactive game show quiz!!

Last Man Standing is London’s hottest, fast-paced, fun-fuelled, raucous and action packed quiz!

To start off we do a round of True or False questions… (Nice n’ easy)

At the end of each roar-ing round the finalists are bought up to take part in one of our STAGE CHALLENGES!! This is where sh*t goes down…

The stage challenges are a variety of crazy games – all off which have a nod to classic games shows! Our stage challenges include our classics such as Play Your Stars Right, Swingballs, Drop ‘n’ Pop, and Come Fly With Me, AS WELL AS our brand new stage challenges, with titles such as Twerk It Out, Rumpy Pumpy and Rattle Battle!

Once we’ve finished all the rounds, the winner from each stage challenge is bought up to the stage once again to fight it out in the ULTIMATE STAGE CHALLENGE SHOWDOWN!! This is where you’ll be battling against the other finalists in a wacky (possibly messy) showdown for your chance to be crowned as ‘THE LAST MAN STANDING’ … plus, you’ll be awarded a mega royal prize!

So come and check it out, as a team, on your own or as a pair – this live and interactive quiz will be sure to keep you on your feet and wanting more!! With multiple dates all through 2016, this quiz is one that you won’t want to miss! Book now – only a few tickets available on the door!!

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Check out all the best bits from our live shows in
Musical Bingo The Movie!

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